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eLearning –at the forefront of learning

Online training and courses now require no introduction. They have now seeped into every nook and cranny of our lives and led to an amazing amount of our time being spent on the internet learning basic or complicated levels of interesting skills that one can be proud of. From cooking to making crafts, the internet has a lot to offer to every person. To the new age student, it can offer a world of opportunities and give rise to an even more intelligent generation of hard workers. ELearning is an old concept that has come back in a new way allowing many a student or homemaker to learn new things and hone skills at the personal and professional levels.


ELearning is also known as a number of other things, few being CBT – Computer Based Training, WBT- Web Based Training or TEL – Technology Enhanced Training. The courses can include most of what a person enjoys doing as well as academic and scholastic studying. It provides a holistic learning approach while also take tests through the same forum to test the expertise of the student. It covers almost all forms of technology such as satellite television or CD ROMs. The education can be in the classroom or out of the classroom via audio or visual methods delivered via the internet or intranet.

It is essential and of utmost importance that anybody in the field of eLearning must be capable of and habituated to using technology or accessing the internet. These online trainings and courses require a basic requirement of having an internet connection and knowing how to access it.

Newest trends

Approximately grossing 48 billion dollars in 2000 and multiplying manifold in the decade to come, the eLearning and online training business use a medium that is easy to understand and even easier to use. Using text, images, videos, animation and live streaming, everything is available to the student at the click of a button.

This has made it a very interesting platform to engage people and thus, also educate them. There are specifically five sectors of the eLearning industry that are

  1. Consulting
  2. Technologies
  3. Content
  4. Support
  5. Services

The field of internet and computers and their development has been used by major schools and universities to adopt eLearning and online training.

  • Seeing a hike of 12 to 14 percent every year, Higher education in the US is dominated by the eLearning process. Education officers believe that these courses are widely helpful and create a sense of technological learning that is whole and foremost in terms of quality. This also helps reach out to the masses. This is also a better way of conducting exams and mock tests that have reduced the chances of cheating or copying.
  • US have also started giving this critical education to the K-12 schools which are public schools which has in turn been also adopted by privatized institutions. Computers, printers and internet use, which comprise the technology kits have been given to the student so that economic liabilities don’t slow them down in accessing the material and stuff online.

Online corporate houses

Corporate firms have begun using the same internet facilities to educate and interact with their customers and employees. Many large companies that have distributed over the whole world need the internet and online forums to educate and impart essential information to their sales. This is also a better way of ensuring quality control. ELearning has also ensured overall brand awareness and created a sense of loyalty within the sales community as well as within the customers.


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