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ELearning –the new education

Online training and courses have proliferated over the decades to give rise to a generation that is capable of doing a majority of their work on the internet even while learning new concepts and adapting to new situations. ELearning is the newest concept that has helped many a student or homemaker to learn new things and hone skills at the personal and professional levels. ELearning is also known widely as a number of other things. Few of these are CBT – Computer Based Training, WBT- Web Based Training or TELTechnology Enhanced Training. The courses cover almost all areas of a person’s interest and include every form of technologically supported education. The education can be in the classroom or out of it because it covers virtual educational opportunities that allow learning to percolate via audio or visual methods delivered via the internet or intranet. Other materials such as satellite television or CD ROMs can also be used to support these endeavors.

It is important though that anybody in the field of eLearning must be habituated to the process of using technology or accessing the internet. Since these online courses require a basic requirement of having and accessing an internet connection.

Trending anew

The Elearning business was approximately 48 billion dollars in 2000 and has multiplied thereof in the decade since then. Its viability and easy to understand process of using text, images, videos, animation and live streaming has made it a very interesting platform to engage people and thus also educate them. There are specifically five sectors of the Elearning industry that have been identified as of now. These are respectively- consulting, technologies, content, support and services. Major developments in the field of internet and computers have led major schools and universities all over the world to adopt the new measures of learning and online training.

  • Higher education in the US is dominated by the Elearning process. Every year the online learning courses see a hike of 12 to 14 percent. Most education officers have started believing that the courses are critical to the kind of learning that is being imparted to any average student.
  • US has also started giving this golden stick to the K-12 school which are basically public schools which has in turn led private schools to adopt the same. Technology kits complete with computers, printers and internet use is being provided that can help a student to access the material and stuff online.
  • Extra tutoring for students and guidance programs are also run online to which a child only needs to log into. A specific supervisor is also assigned to a student. They are the contact between students and their progress to their teachers, administration and parents.

Corporate goes online

Now many corporate firms have started using the internet facilities to educate and interact with their customers and employees. Many large companies that have their bases stretched over the whole world need the internet and online forums to educate their sales staff to maintain a similar quality level worldwide. The distribution chains need the internet to engage with their customers and make them aware about the newest developments and better versions of an old model.


ELearning is suited mostly to distance learning, but can be used to enhance face to face learning. Screencasting and various other models are used to make learning an exciting experience. Many colleges and universities have begun to offer a range of online degrees and certificates to make the learning more official and present an incentive for the student to engage in such a kind of learning.


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